Keyboard (Computer)


There are 2 keyboards which can type Massalit:

1) TR Keyboard

2) Keyman Keyboard

You can choose which one you want to use.

Here are instructions on how to :

  • Download and install the keyboard on your computer.
  • Download and install "Andika" font so that the characters appear correctly.
  • Type Massalit using the new keyboard


How to download and install “TR Keyboard" on your computer


1) Download this file: TR Keyboard and Andika (1.3 MB)

2) Open the folder and click “Extract All” to get the files out of the zip file.

3) In the extracted folder, open “Keyboard tchadq MS Keyboard TR”.

4) Double-click on "setup.exe":  

5) Wait awhile. When a window pops up to ask permission to install, say "Yes".

6) Wait for another window to pop up to say the installation is finished. Click "Close".

7) In your Word processor, check the language bar at the bottom of your screen to see it says "TR":


How to download and install the "Keyman" keyboard on your computer

1) Go to

2) Download "Tchad + Keyman Desktop" (17.1 MB) and save it to your computer.

Make sure you know where the .exe file has been saved.

3) Open the folder where you saved the file:

Double-click on the file to open it.

4) When the computer asks you to “Allow this program to make changes to this device?”, click “YES”.

5) When you see the Keyman Desktop screen, click “Install Keyman Desktop”.

6) Wait for the program to install. When it is ready, it will show this screen. Click “Start Keyman”

7) The Keyman icon should appear in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

8) Click on the Keyman icon and choose the blue Tchad keyboard

9) The blue “TCH” keyboard icon should appear in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. You can now type the special characters ŋ (type ;n) / n̰ (type n_) / â (type a ^) etc

How to install Andika font

For ŋ and n̰ and other letters to appear correctly and look nice, it is good to use “Andika” or “Charis SIL Literacy” font in your documents.

1) Go to C: > Windows > Fonts to open the Fonts folder on your PC

2) Copy the “Andika” or “Charis SIL Literacy” files into that folder.


How to type Massalit on your computer

1) Open the program you want to use.
2) Click on the keyboard option (ENG / AR / FR) in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. Choose the blue “TCH” Tchad keyboard OR the "TR" keyboard.

2) If possible, choose “Andika” or “Charis SIL Literacy” font

3) Type ;n to get ŋ

Type n_ to get

Type a ^ to get