Apps (Smartphone)


Here are smartphone apps for Android smartphones:

1) Tîŋge gosinja ("AlphaTiles")

Download here (12 MB) or from Google Play

This app contains 22 games to help you learn and practise Massalit letters, sounds and spelling. When you want to hear the word, just tap the picture.

The games include:

  • Choose the first letter of the word
  • Fill in the missing letter
  • Choose the right word
  • Match the word and picture (memory game)
  • Choose the right letters to spell the word
  • Find the words in the letter grid (tap the first and last letter of the word to highlight it)


2) Kôro kitabta nî (WITH AUDIO)

Download here (35 MB)

This app contains 16 easy stories with audio recordings, so you can listen and read along with the yellow highlighted words.